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Gentle reminder - communication of athletes' results to FLTRI

In order to further improve the communication about your results to the press we propose a new approach as of 17.08.2017.

If you want FLTRI to inform the press of the results you have obtained in competitions abroad we encourage you to proceed as follows:

  1. By Thursday, 9 p.m. before the weekend of the race, you send an email to presse@fltri.lu with the following details of the competition:
    • location
    • format
    • official website
  2. By Sunday, 7 p.m. of the race weekend, you send an email to presse@fltri.lu with the result. The deadline of 7 p.m. is important, because our press release has to go out that moment. If your result has not been communicated by 7 p.m., it will not be part of the press release.

However, FLTRI can not guarantee that all results will be published by the press.

If you have any questions or problems be welcome to contact us by email via presse@fltri.lu.

National Championships - Official Results

Official results of the national championships are online. Click here.

For errors and questions, please send us an e-mail.

Tours & Challenges by FLTRI - Season 2018

Provisional rankings for the Aquathlon are now online. For details click here.

As always, for errors and questions, please send us an e-mail.

Disc Brakes

In accordance with a modification of the ITU Competition Rules for the 2018 season, disc brakes are allowed in all races.

Registration Links for National Championships

Click here for further details on the races and for registration deadlines.

Aquathlon 2018

Results Aquathlon (Chronorace)

Pictures Aquathlon