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2017 National Championship Results

The results of the national championships are now online. Please click here for details.

UPDATED on 30/10/2017 at 17.23.

Triathlon Awards by FLTRI

This year the triathlon awards will be held on November 25th.

FLTRI Awards 2017 & 7ème édition de la "Soirée athlètes"

Please return the Coupon réponse in case you'd like to assist.

Tours & Challenges - final rankings are online

Current rankings of all the competitions of our Tours & Challenges are now online, including all races up to the Red Rock Challenge

Should you find errors or irregularities, please send a message to results@fltri.lu. We will do our best to treat all incidents as soon as possible.

Keep the Date: Aquathlon 2018

Aquathlon will be held on January 21st, 2018. Further details will follow.