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European Triathlon Championships Sprint Distance

Stefan Zachäus started in the Elite competition of the European sprint distance Championships in Düsseldorf on June 24. In a group of 50 participants he finished in 24th position.

The age group race took place the day after the Elite race. Pia Wiltgen participated in her age group and finished in 3rd position (photo of podium below with Pia on the right side). Excellent result and congratulations!

Details on results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_duesseldorf_etu_sprint_triathlon_european_championships/309197

Pia EM Düsseldorf


Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg - National Championship

Result of the national middle distance Triathlon Championship:

Women's competition:

1. Sophie Margue (CAEG)

2. Danièle Flammang (Trispeed Mamer)

3. Nathalie Lamborelle (individual licence)

Men's competition:

1. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)

2. Christian Krombach (Trispeed Mamer)

3. Tom Krier (Trispeed Mamer)


In addition, Dany Papi who participated in the age group category, finished in and qualified for a slot at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA on September 10. Well done!

Click here for results: 


Women podium

Men podium





Olivier Godart wins the Ironman 70.3 in Durban

Olivier Godast has won the age-group only race in Durban/South Africa on June 18. He finished the race in 4h08m40s with a lead of almost 12 minutes. Excellent performance, congratulations!

Click here for the results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=durban70.3&y=2017#axzz4kR3oSA4W



European Championship Kitzbuehel

Last weekend the European Triathlon Championships took place in Kitzbuehel / Austria.

 Bob Haller represented Luxembourg in the Men's Elite race. Bob caught a bacterial infection just the day before but was given green light to start. He finished the race in 26th position.

Oliver Gorges started in the male Junior category. After an excellent swim he fell during the cycling race and injured his and could not finish the race consequently. Hopefully he can recover fast!

Eva Daniels started in the female Junior category. There were a lot of accidents during the cycling part but Eva was not impacted. She finished in 34th position.

Joé Kurt started in the sprint distance of the Paratriathlon (category PTS4). After a good race he finished in 6th position. Well done!

Below are pictures of all athletes. For the results please click here: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_kitzbuehel_etu_triathlon_european_championships








Start list for the National Middle Distance Triathlon Championship at the Ironman 70.3. Luxembourg next weekend


XTERRA Belgium - Isabelle Klein

Isabelle Klein (Trilux) has participated in the XTERRA Cross Duathlon in Namur last weekend. She finished in 4th position. Excellent performance!

Click here for details on the race: http://www.xterraplanet.com/2017/06/ruzafa-erbenova-win-xterra-belgium/ 


Anja Diadzek wins Triathlon in Verdun

Anja Dziadek (TriSpeed) has won the women's competition in Verdun on 11/06 - excellent news!!

Click here for all results: http://www.verdunmeusetriathlon.fr 

Anja Verdun


Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil - Alain Kieffer

Alain Kieffer (CAB) participated in the Ironman 70.3 Switzerland in Rapperswil and finished in 3rd position of his age group (106 position overall). Bravo and well done!

Click here for results:




Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau-Stefan Zachaeus & Santos Calderon

Stefan Zachaeus finished in 4th position at the first competition of the German Bundesliga at Kraichgau Triathlon. Congratulations!

Santos Calderon (individual licence) finished in 26th position of his age group (M40-44).

Update 16.06.:

In addition to Stefan and Santos, other FLTRI athletes also participated in the competition: Susanne Gutjahr, Tania Hoffmann, Romain Mousel, Darko Narandzic, Kevin Dauphin, Pascal Piech. 

Results are available here (bundesliga.de for Stefan, ironman site for the others):





ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Besancon-Joe Kurt

Joe Kurt finished in 3rd position in the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup in Besancon last weekend (category PTS4). Congratulations!

Click here for results:





Young FLTRI athletes at French Triathlon Championship

4 FLTRI athletes have participated in the French Triathlon Championship last weekend.

Eva Daniels finished in 9th position in the category "cadettes".

Sophie Hermes finished in 34rd position. She was disqualified after the race because she did not respect a 5-second time penalty.

Tom Carré finished in 72nd position in his first race after having broken his collarbone.

Oliver Gorges finished in 2nd position in the Junior category (sprint distance). See the picture below.

Congratulations and well done to all athletes (2nd picture below: all athletes and coach Cyrille Eple)

Results are available here: http://chronospheres.fr/evenements/detail/Triathlon-du-Tricastin-2017-88

Oli Gorges podium 03.06.2017team


Challenge Samorin - Eric Wagner

Eric Wagner participated in the challenge in Samorin/Slovakia last Saturday. He finished in 49th position overall (600 participants) and 4th of his age group. Well done!

Click here for results: https://kpzresults.sportsoft.cz/en/race/results/2214?rid=2472


ITU World Cup in Cagliari - Stefan and Bob

Bob Haller and Stefan Zachaeus took part in the sprint competition of the ITU World Cup in Cagliari on June 4. Stefan finished in 12th position and Bob finished in 28th position.

Click here for the results:



Madrid ITU World Cup - Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan finished the race in Madrid in 28th position after a good performance.

You can find the results here:



European Aquathlon Championships - Ivana Kuriackova

Ivana Kuriackova (CA Bieles) participated in the European Aquathlon Championships in Bratislava. She finished the U23 competition in 11th position.

Click here for all results:



Ironman Lanzarote - Haitske Overbeek and Steve Moog

Haitske Overbeek finished the women's competition of the Ironman Lanzarote on 20.05.2017 in 24th position and 2nd in her age group. This means that she is qualified for the Ironman Hawaii - excellent news and congratulations!!

Steve Moog participated in the men's competition and finished on 210th position overall and 169th in his age group.

Click here for the results:




National Triathlon Sprint Distance Championship

Federal Champion Elite Men
Stefan Zachäus...

National Championship Elite Men
1. Gregor Payet
2. Tom Krier
3. Philippe Lamberty

Federal Champion Elite Women
Svenja Thös

National Championship Elite Women
1. Pia Wiltgen
2. Anja Dziadek
3. Nathalie Lamborelle

Oberall win of the race
Eva Daniëls & Stefan Zachäus

Click here for results: http://www.caeg.lu/2017/05/21/musel-triathlon-grevenmacher-ergebnisse/



ETU Powerman European Middle Distance Duathlon Championship


Jerome Ewen 16th position

Christopher Doyle (X3M) M50 European Champion
Carlo Feltes (X3M9 M50, 14th position
Susanne Gutjahr F40, 8th position

jerome ewen




Click here for results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_sankt_wendel_etu_powerman_mid_distance_duathon_european_championships


Pia Wiltgen wins Triathlon in Chalon

FLTRI athlete Pia Wiltgen (CAD) has won the women's competition of the Triathlon in Chalon / France on May 14. In the overall ranking she finished in position 24. Congratulations to this excellent performance!

Click here for results:  http://www.sporkrono.fr/index.php/resultats-eco-triathlon


ITU Yokohama Elite Men: Stefan Zachaeus and Bob Haller

A top-class competition took place in Yokohama / Japan on May 13 at the ITU World Triathlon Series. The conditions were rather difficult as it was raining during the race. Stefan finished in 38th and Bob in 44th position.

Click here to get the results: http://www.triathlon.org/results/result/2017_itu_world_triathlon_yokohama/307209




Ironman 70.3 in Majorque

A total of 4 FLTRI athletes participated in the 70.3 Ironman in Majorque on May 13. Here is an overview of the results:

  • Daniele Flammang: 48th position overall in the women's competition and 5h in her age group (45-49 years)
  • Werner Oberweis: 176th position overall and 5th rank in his age group (50-54 years)
  • Sam Peters: 271th position
  • Santos Calderon: 328th position

All results are available here: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/live.aspx#axzz4h5YvupuP



Ironman 70.3 in Aix-en-Provence

The following FLTRI athletes have participated in the Pays d'Aix Triathlon in Aix-en-Provence on May 14:

  • Tom Krier (20th position)
  • Philippe Lamberty (22th position)
  • Christian Weyland (103rd position)
  • Rafael Schneider (235th position)

Click here for all results: http://eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/emea/ironman-70.3/pays-d-aix/results.aspx#axzz4h5YvupuP


FLTRI young Athletes at the Triathlon in Vesoul/France

Several young FLTRI athletes participated in the Triathlon in Vesoul / France at the semifinal of the French Triathlon Championship on May 13. An overview of the results:

  • Category "Cadet": Eva Daniels (Trilux) finished in 4th position and Christophe Logelin (Trispeed) in 9th position
  • Category "Minimes": Sophie Hermes (TriSpeed) finished in 4th position, Luca Krämer (Celtic) finished in 5th and Tom Carré (TriSpeed) in 9th position
  • Category "Benjamin": Aurelien Carré (TriSpeed) finished in 3rd position
  • Category "Juniors": Oliver Gorges (CAB, picture below) finished in 2nd position

Clieck here for results: http://my4.raceresult.com/68492/results?lang=fr#3_B47DF8

Well done to all athletes! These results mean that all athletes are qualified for the final (subject to confirmation by the national commission)!

Oli Gorges 13.5. Vesoul



ITU World Cup Chengdu - Stefan Zachaeus and Bob Haller

Bob Haller qualified for the main final of the competition in Chengdu / China and finished in 23rd position (27m24s). Stefan Zachaeus missed the main final and competed in the secondary final where he finished in 14th position (28m21s).

Click here for the results:


Bob CHangdu_Presse_7.5.17Stefan Chengdu 7.5.17


Challenge Lisbon - Sophie Margue

Sophie Margue finished the Challenge in Lisbon (1,9k swim, 90k cycle, 21,1k run) in the 2nd position of her age group. Excellent performance!

Click here for results:


Sophie Lisbon 7.5.17


Results National Duathlon Championship in Ehlerange

Women Elite National Championship:

1. Pia Wiltgen (CAD)

2. Lis Thillmann (Trilux)

3. Martine Licker (Trispeed)

The race was won by Svenja Thoes (picture below)


Paratriathlon National Championship:

1. Joe Kurt (2nd picture below)


Men Elite National Championship:

1. Jerome Ewen (individual licence, 3rd picture below)

2. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)

3. Tom Krier (Trispeed)

The race was won by Francois Reding.


Svenja Thoes







ITU WTS Gold Coast - Bob Haller

Bob Haller finished the ITU Triathlon at Gold Coast, Queensland / Australia on April 8 in 28th position after a good performance.  He gained valuable WTS championship points in a top class competition with several Olympic contenders.

Click here for results:



Bob Haller GC


FLTRI Office Holidays 12.-25.04.

Please be informed that the FLTRI Office is closed for holidays from 12-25.04. (open again on 26.04.). In urgent cases please contact us by sending an email to: info@fltri.lu


Walliseller Triathlon (Zurich) - Eva Daniels

Eva Daniels finished in a good 9th position at the International Triathlon Walliseller in Zurich this weekend. The picture below shows Eva (left) with French athlete Suzanne Henry (right).

Click here for results:







Ironman South Africa - age groupers

Several FLTRI athletes started in the respective age groups at the Ironman South Africa on April 02. Among these are Tanja Hoffmann, Dany Papi, Thierry Dondlinger, Marc D'Hooge, Steve Carré, and Fabien Kieffer.

Click here for results:



Ironman 70.3 Texas with Tom Krier and Philippe Lamberty

The FLTRI elite cadre athletes participated in the Ironman 70.3 in Galveston / Texas on April 02. Philippe finished in 23rd position and Tom in 29th position.

Click here for results:



Olivier Godart qualified for Hawaii

Olivier had a quite incredible start into the 2017 season! He won his age group at the Ironman 70.3 Dubai (21st overall), made an overall win at the Doha Standard Distance Triathlon, made an overall win at the ITU World Triathlon Abu Dhabi age group race and was even 5min faster than the previous years and now he won his age group at the Ironman South Africa (19th overall) and was the fastest nonprofessional athlete of the race. By the last result, he qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. Well done Olivier!! 


French Duathlon Championship with FLTRI participation

Sophie Hermes, Luca Kraemer and Tom Carré started in the Youth competition of the French Duathlon Championships in Bondoufle on April 02. Sophie finished in 33rd position after a good race and Luca also achieved a good result (26). Tom was very unlucky as he broke his collarbone due to a fall during the cycling part.





ETU Triathlon at Quarteira:Oliver Gorges+Stefan Zachaeus

Stefan Zachaeus participated in the standard distance ETU Triathlon at Quarteira / Portugal on April 01. He finished in 33rd position. Oliver Gorges participated in the Junior edition of the same event on April 02. Oliver's bike was damaged during the transport but he was allowed to use Stefan's bike for the competition. He finished in 37th position.

Click here for results:


ETU Quarteira


ITU Triathlon World Cup at New Plymouth - Bob Haller

Bob Haller finished in 21st position at the IT Triathlon World Cup at New Plymouth / New Zealand on April 02.

Click here for the results:


Bob Haller New Plymouth


Training Camp Joe Kurt at Calella / Barcelona

Joe Kurt joined a training camp with the French National Paratriathlon team in Calella / Barcelona in Spain from 25.03.-01.04.2017.


Joe Kurt


FLTRI Talent Day March 25

The FLTRI organised a Talent Day for all kids and young athletes between 10 and 19 years. Over 40 young members from CAEG, X3M, Trispeed, Trilux and CAB joined the event and made it a real success. The program of the day included training sessions for swimming (at the Coque) as well as cycling and running (at the INS). The sessions were taken care of by current  FLTRI squad athletes and by coach trainees under the supervision of the national team coaches Cyrille Eple and Thomas Andreos. An information session on the "Cadre Promotion" and on the Sportlycée took place to conclude the event.

Talent Day group picture





Partnership with Z3ROD

The FLTRI is happy to announce that the partnership with Z3ROD will continue for another 4 years. Hence, our top athletes will use the olympic medalist trisuits until Tokyo 2020. To qualify for the Olympic Games, it is important to have strong partners like Z3ROD to give our athletes the best equipment. Of course, age group athletes will be able to buy the same equipment as well.

Statement of Frédéric and Pierre Dorez, founding partners of Z3ROD:

«Nous sommes très fier de prolonger notre contrat avec la FLTRI jusqu’aux JO de TOKYO 2020 qui sera le point d’orgue de l’olympiade à venir. Nous avons à cœur de pouvoir équiper les meilleurs triathlètes luxembourgeois avec les meilleurs produits dans leur quête à la performance. Ce savoir faire bénéficiera également à l’ensemble des licenciés de la fédération.»


Cancellation FLTRI Cross Duathlon Beckerich (LUX)

cancellation beckerich


FLTRI General Assembly

News from the General Assembly of 24.03.2017: Team Snooze has been accepted as new member of the federation while C.A.Schifflange has quit. Patrick THILL has been re-elected and will stay secretary general while Michael KUNDE, who was coopted in 2016, has been elected as member of the executive board. Michael will continue to update the news on our website. Philipp MÜLLER and Guy BERTEMES have been elected as new members of the board. Philipp will become the new press officer and Guy will take care of the stock and orders of our equipment.


M Kunde

P Müller



Bikefit Stefan Zachaeus

New season, new bike, new motivation! Stefan Zachaeus getting bikefitted by our federation's new partner. The physiotherapist Patrick Guillaume fits our Elite Athletes' bikes to get the maximum out of it. If you also need a bikefit don't forget to show your FLTRI licence for special conditions.


Results National Cross Duathlon Championship

Women Elite

1. Nathalie Lamborelle (Individual Licence)


1. Joe Kurt (Trispeed)

Men Elite

1. Jérome Ewen (Individual Licence)

2. Oliver Paderhuber (CAB)

3. Pierre Tanson (Trispeed)

4. Paul Bentner (Trilux)

5. Philippe Lamberty (CAB)


Youth and Age Group results will follow soon on www.fltri.lu

 Women Elite Winner Nathalie Lamborelle


Joe Kurt Winner Paratriathlon

Men Elite Winners


ITU Triathlon World Cup Mooloolaba / Australia - Bob Haller

Bob Haller participated in the standard distance triathlon in Mooloolaba in preparation for the sprint distance New Plymouth ITU Triathlon World Cup. He could not finish the race due to a flat tyre.

Click here for results:




Changes in the race calendar 2017

We would like to inform you by this that the date of the Museltriathlon in Grevenmacher had to be changed to the 21.05.2017.


Also, M2Events informed us that they will not organize a competition in 2017. Therefore, there will be no Powerman in Hosingen and no Éislek Triathlon this year.


Otherwise, a new race is planned and we will share the details as soon as we have more informations.


Inscriptions aux championnats

Les inscriptions aux championnats se font à partir de cette année via formulaire on-line et non plus via e-mail. Nous indiquerons les détails d'inscription pour chaque championnat le moment venu.

Nous rappelons que ces inscriptions sont gratuites (avant la deadline) et ne valent que pour l'entrée aux classements des championnats nationaux dans le cadre des compétitions lors desquels ces championnats sont tenus. Les athlètes devront toujours s'inscrire séparément pour la compétition auprès de l'organisateur: L'inscription au championnat ne vaut pas inscription à la compétition et vice-versa.

Pour plus détail: http://www.fltri.lu/fr/102/competitions/national-championships/



ITU WTS Abu Dhabi - Stefan Zachaeus

In the World Triathlon Series season opening event in Abu Dhabi Stefan Zachäus finished in 31st position.

Click here for results

WTS Abu Dhabi March 2017 Stefan Zachäus



Indoor Aquathlon Vittel

Indoor Aquathlon in Vittel on February 26 with participation from FLTRI athletes.

Click here for results:



Training Camp at Torremolinos / Spain

Eva Daniels, Svenja Thoes, Tom Carre, Luca Kramer and Christophe Logelin during a training camp from February 17 - 24 at Torremolinos/Spain with coach Cyrille Eple





The updated uniform rules are online: http://www.fltri.lu/fr/95/reglements/reglement-uniformes/



Nutrition Seminar for Elite Athletes

Great seminar on nutrition by Stéphanie Rosquin for FLTRI Elite athletes!

nutrition seminar FLTRI 16.02.2017 


ETU Annual General Assembly Rome

The European Triathlon Union’s annual general assembly took place in Rome on 18/02/2017. The FLTRI was represented by Eugène Kraus and Hendrik Fehr.

Eugène Kraus, who has only recently been awarded with the judge of the decade award, now had his mandate renewed as a member of the ETU Executive Board. Our Vice-President will therefore represent Luxembourg for another two years at international level. Renato Bertrandi remains president of the ETU.

Furthermore, Hendrik Fehr has been co-opted as member of the Audit Committee. His mandate runs until the next ETU Congress in Kitzbühel in June 2017, where he can then be elected for a full mandate. 


Eugene and Hendrik at ETU General Assembly Rome 18.02.2017


ITU Triathlon World Cup Cape Town - Bob Haller

In the opening competition of the 2017 ITU World Cup season Bob Haller finished the race in Cape Town in 18th position. Bob lost some time during the bike leg as the chain dropped off when another athlete’s bike touched his bike. A strong running performance brought him back into 18th place.

Click here for results

Bob Haller and Thomas Andreos ITU World Cup Cape Town 2017


IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa - Philippe Lamberty

Participation de Philippe Lamberty au IRONMAN 70.3 South Africa. 13e place au général.



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