Info Covid-19


If you go cycling outside, do so ALONE, stay on safe roads and try to avoid cycling paths on weekends and in the afternoon (too many pedestrians, children, dogs). Keep your safety distance whenever you meet someone. However, we suggest cycling inside as we need to avoid accidents at this time because the beds in the emergencies are limited and should be reserved for Covid 19 patients.

Triathlon at home


Take advantage of your time to work on your strength and conditioning. We all know that we usually pretend not to have enough time to follow through with these exercises. Tip: a lot of coaches now offer online classes, so have a look at thos


INFO Covid-19


Go running outside, it is important to stay healthy both mentally and physically throughout these times. 

Again, do so ALONE and stay safe.




A few words from the federation on staying healthy and safe throughout these challenging times. Always follow government guidelines and train on your own, or with people already living in your household.

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