Karibu Cross Triathlon Junglinster


Last Saturday was the first edition of the cross triathlon in Junglinster organised by our new member Karibu. This first edition also hosted our elite national championships in that discipline.

Our new champions are:



  1. Gwen Nothum
  2. Camille Bucciarelli
  3. Sarah PIECH


  1. Bob Haller
  2. Jérôme Ewen
  3. David Lang


Congratulations to them and all the athletes from our youth categories who braved the weather and fought through!



Lënster Lycée International School - Cross Triathlon à Junglinster


Ce samedi 26 septembre se tiendra le Lënster Lycée International School - Cross Triathlon à Junglinster.

Cette épreuve sera le support du championnat national de Cross Triathlon 2020.

Format spectaculaire pour cette épreuve avec séries le matin et finale l'après-midi sous la forme d'une poursuite.


IM70.3 Luxembourg cancelled


We are truly sad to announce that the IM70.3 Luxembourg Region Moselle planned for Oct 11 has been cancelled by IRONMAN. Check the link below for the detailed statement.

At the same time we look forward to hosting this unique 3-countries event on June 20 next year, and we are in no doubt that many great triathletes will join in 2021 - endurance and persistence is what this sport is about!





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