Results of the FLTRI Aquathlon


Results of the FLTRI Aquathlon which took place at D'Coque Luxembourg on January 19.

Jeanne Lehair wins the women's race while Katharina Möller and Hannah Stegmaier finish in 2nd and 3rd position, respectively. Eva Daniels finishes in 10th position and Mara Krombach in 12th position.


Arnaud Des Boscs wins for the 2nd time (after 2019) the men's competition. Runners up are Jan Diener and Titouan Bernot.


Results of the Luxemburgish Championship:

1. Eva Daniels (Trilux)

                             2. Mara Krombach (TriSpeed Mamer)

                          3. Gwen Nothum (TriSpeed Mamer)


Results of the  Luxemburgish Championship:

       1. Luca Cambrésy (Trilux)

                        2. Aurelien Carré (TriSpeed Mamer)

                   3. David Lang (TriSpeed Mamer)


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Aquathlon 2020 Results


Please see below the pictures of the podium of the Aquathlon 2020:

Podium Women



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